Albert Mercado

Bike Check

Shadow pro Albert Mercado is killing it on our KIL tour stop in Pittsburgh, PA. He brought along his black and yellow Kink to try and fit in and we thought we should give you a look.
Frame: Kink Titan 20.75″
Fork: Shadow Inceptiv
Bar: Kink Solace
Grips: Shadow Lahsaan Kobza signature Chula
Stem: Shadow Ravager top load
Headset: Shadow Stacked
Seat: Shadow Lahsaan Kobza Penumbra series mid
Seat Post: Shadow Pivotal
Cranks: Shadow Seth Kimbrough signature Noctis
Pedals: Shadow Ravager Plastic
Chain: Shadow Interlock V2
Sprocket: Shadow Crow 30t
Pegs: Shadow Scott Ditchburn signature SOD plastic
Front Wheel: Shadow Corvus Complete
Front Hub Guard: Shadow Raptor V2 Cro Mo
Rear Hub: Shadow BTR Cassette Hub 9t LHD
Rear Rim: Shadow Corvus 36h
Rear Hub Guard: Shadow BTR Non-Drive Side Cro Mo
Tires: Shadow Simone Barraco signature Strada