Albert Mercado

Lunch Break Update

When most people get a lunch break, they drive to Taco Bell, eat for 30 minutes, then go back to work. Not Albert. Whenever he has a free moment from building complete bikes at Walmart, he dips out and shreds. Read on for a few words and photos from the man himself.

“There is this awkward spot down the rode from my work. I really don’t go there so often but I try to ride stuff close to my work during my lunch break or whatever. On Friday, a couple of my buddies were heading to the CVS Skate Park in Chula Vista around the same time as my lunch break so we decided to ride a little street before I had to go back to work.”

“The spot itself isn’t to bad at all. It’s been a close-by spot that we have know about since we were kids. In fact, after that day, I decided I’ll probably go there more often. A lot of missed opportunities over the years of shredding, haha.”

“The hour went well. I got plenty of clips and even managed to be in the war path of a “Fixie” guy who thought it was a good idea to yell ‘Eat shit!’ right before I dropped in on this weird angled ledge.”

“Unfortunately my session ended when I got a flat after under-rotating a 180. It happened out of no where but served as a bit of an alarm to let me know I had to get back to work. Besides the flat, I had a blast. The SBL dudes are always down.”

– Albert Mercado