Diversity BMX

Shadow Captive Forks Review

The dudes over at Diversity BMX decided to do a review of our new Captive forks and we couldn't be any happier with how it turned out. Get a taste of it below, then click the picture to read more! "I've had the forks on for about a month now and have switched up the offset a few times to experiment. Although 6mm doesn't sound like much in fork-land its a massive difference and the change is hugely noticeable. If you're a trails rider or just like to pedal fast at things the 32mm offset will suit you down to a tee. For now I'm leaving mine at 26mm as it suits my riding a bit better, spinning feels easier, manuals seem to pull up easier and they just feel better for more technical riding in general. It's great to have the option to change it up in the future though." - Diversity BMX