Cody Clark

Bike Check

Shadow flow rider and one half of the Twins just built up a brand new Volume frame and decked it out with some fresh Shadow parts. Scroll down and check out the dialed, shiny whip over a truly epic view.
Cody Clark Bike Check
Frame: Volume Cerberus
Fork: Shadow Vultus
Bar: Shadow Vultus 9.5″
Grips: Shadow Lahsaan Kobza signature Chula
Stem: Shadow Lahsaan Kobza signature Chula
Headset: Shadow Stacked
Seat: Shadow Mid Crow Pivotal
Seat Post: Shadow Pivotal
Cranks: Shadow Seth Kimbrough signature Noctis
Pedals: Shadow Ravager Plastic
Chain: Shadow Interlock V2
Sprocket: Shadow KIL 28t
Pegs: Shadow Scott Ditchburn Signature Slide or Die
Front Wheel: Shadow Corvus Complete
Front Hub Guard: Shadow Raptor CR Cro Mo
Rear Hub: Shadow BTR Cassette Hub 9t LHD
Rear Rim: Shadow Corvus 36h
Rear Hub Guard: Shadow BTR Drive and Non-Drive side
Tires: Shadow Valor

Photos: Zachary Frew
Checking out over the vast land of the Phoenix Valley Metro.