Drew Bezanson

Bike Check

Shadow Pro Drew Bezanson comes in with a fresh look at his always dialed bike featuring his brand new signature Sano Detangler, version 3 of his Penumbra series seat, and a fresh Interlock Supreme chain. IMG_0573-2 Frame: DK Team Frame Fork: DK Alpha Bars: Shadow Ben Hucke signature Local Stem: Shadow Ravager Front Load Grips: Shadow Thirteen Flangeless Bar Ends: Shadow Nylon Headset: Shadow Stacked Brake lever: Shadow Drew Bezanson signature Sano Cables: Shadow Linear Brakes: Shadow Drew Bezanson signature Sano Detangler: Shadow Drew Bezanson signature Sano Seat: Shadow Drew Bezanson Penumbra Series v3 (prototype) Cranks: DK Social 170mm Pedals: Shadow Ravager Plastic Bottom Bracket: Shadow Stacked Sprocket: Shadow Motus Spline Drive 28t Chain: Shadow Interlock Supreme (prototype) Front Wheel: Shadow Corvus Complete Rear Wheel: Shadow Corvus Complete Hub Guards: Shadow Cro Mo Pegs: Shadow Lil’ Ones Drew Bezanson Bike Check