Drew Bezanson

Road to Recovery

Always being positive. Drew B is going to be alright!

“Its no secret that athletes are injured all the time, and in the action sports universe, so much so its a paradigm. When someone gets hurt on their bike or board, we seek reasssuring evidence of the common areas — “oh he/she just hurt his finger/wrist/arm/foot.” Then there are the more severe injuries. Who doesn’t wince, atleast internally, at the mention of a knee, hip, back, or neck. That’s when the darker imagery creeps in. Perhaps you go from envisioning a cast to a hospital room or maybe a stretcher. But the head injury might be the darkest of all. After all, that’s why they make those helmets, and that’s why we are taught from a young age to “duck and cover” in emergencies.

Three months’ ago when Drew Bezanson split his helmet wide open* on a routine training day at his local Joyride 150 Park in Toronto, he was shaken (*editor’s note: Drew is desperately clear on the fact that he missed grabbing his grip and it could have happened in any park on earth). The crash wasn’t a normal one, even for him. Drew knew he was going to have to monitor the situation with his noggin, because he was still seeing stars hours later. Fast forward two weeks, and now Drew is on a plane bound for a US Military Operation in Baghdad, Iraq. Drew is flying to one of the most dangerous places in the world, having convinced himself that he’s recovered. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Those in Iraq with him (fellow BMX riders, media, and related legends) barely sensed a problem. Here was Drew, airing 25′ feet over the demo deck, bunny-hopping over soldiers, laughing with the cameras, signing autographs and just generally acting like his MVP (Most Valuable Personality) self.

The same took place on the Red Bull road trip from Denver to Austin. No worries from his pals. But Drew was getting worried. He didn’t feel like himself and he didn’t want to ride his bike at all. Initially he blamed jetlag. And after, just being “worn out and worked” from so many consecutive days battering himself as all street BMXers do. It was just part of the game he was so happy to find himself in….right?

Alas, no. As only some of the closest people in his life are aware, Drew has learned he’s facing something more serious. Not to alarm you though — keep those eyes here. The kid is allright. But he’s got a slightly longer road ahead than he believed on that rough day at Joyride. A recent MRI has revealed that Drew has light, but nevertheless, present hemoragging in 4 different parts of his brain.

What does that mean? Firstly, it means Drew can’t ride his bike for awhile. Secondly, it means he really needs to rest. By far most importantly, though, Drew’s physician in his native Nova Scotia is confident that with proper time to heal and necessary R&R, he’s going to be just fine.

To those that have supported Drew with calls, emails, tweets, and FB love, he can’t thank you enough. Drew is nothing if not one of the biggest hearts in the universe, and he takes each message seriously. To the sponsors and industry who have offered to stand with Drew regardless of his future, this is huge. You mean the world.

For now, the day when Drew drops into the park and throws one of his giant, signature, tail-whip transfers are someplace around the corner, but the time for us to think good thoughts about the guy are right now. Fortunately, Drew’s already given us a giant stack of memories to hold us over.”

– Superheroes Managment