Enclosed Forks Preview

Time for a little behind-the-scenes look at a new product the dudes in Shadow R&D are working on. Lightly dubbed the “Enclosed Forks”.

“Lightweight. Maximum strength and durability. What more could you ask for in a fork? Simple: Offset adjustability. Our new fork in development still utilizes the same 1-piece steer tube, cut lines, recessed threads, integrated race, and 4130 Sanko chromoly fluted, buted, and tapered legs as our proven Vultus forks, while providing the option of two different angles of offset.”
Offset Insert

“How do we do this? With an enclosed, investment cast, 5mm thick dropout featuring steel washer inserts that can easily be rotated for a mellow 31mm offset or a more responsive 26mm offset. Feel like riding the trails one day? Use the 31mm offset. Wanna do some fast spins and long nose manuals? Flip the insert and use the steeper, 26mm offset.”
Offset Insert Seated

“The enclosed dropout end secures the adjustment washers firmly in place and is compatible specifically with female, bolt type axles. One fork, two choices.”
Offset Insert - Both Dropouts