Haimona Ngata

Rider Update

“Yo Hombres! Hope all is going well over there and you’re not run off your feets busy! All is well in New Zealand, been busy as hell working on something CRAZY! Quite a bit of filming and stuff, but I’m emailing you guys while drinking a cider in my pajamas so life ain’t that bad. Just shooting over a couple of photos of my bike along with a sneak peak of my crazy new project. More info soon.”

– Haimona Ngata

Subrosa Eli Frame decked out in Shadow Conspiracy parts.

Burger Fuel?

Ben Hucke Signature Local Grips

Ben Hucke Penumbra Series Slim Pivotal Seat

Shadow Overtaker Foldable Tire

Shadow Interlock Chain V2 and Tempered Anchor Down Sprocket

What could this be for?

Sure looks fun.