House of Hammers Edit

2020 Magazine just released an edit covering the House Of Hammers Jam that went down in Sydney Australia a few months back. Add a couple of huge coffin grind boxes to a night club, sprinkle in some rails and let some of the country’s best throw down. What’s not to like! Check out the edit and liner notes below from 2020 Magazine.

The premise was simple: build a street set up in a night club, invite the countries best riders, have a head to head comp and then party all night. Such a simple plan on paper. However if there was ever an event that was plagued by more issues than any ever before, then House of Hammers was it.

The lead up to the event saw so many hurdles to be jumped, from dates to insurance to the set up, the build, what wasn’t changed to make the venue happy was almost only the name come the night. And then mother nature hit, blacking us (and a lot of Sydney) out for 2 hours right after we opened the doors…. With the venue calling it all off come 9pm, somehow we prevailed and the lights came back on with only seconds to spare. Persistence and a never ending desire to see the night go off made it happen. Pure punk rock BMX ethos in a nutshell. This edit is a long time coming and it to was problematic in so many ways, but it showcases what was one of the best nights of BMX and good times had in Australia to date. The riding went off and the party kept on kicking late into the eve. To all riders, thanks for coming along and throwing down on the set up, everyone that made it was stoked!