Jason Watts

Haro Bikes Destinations: Sydney

Haro Bikes just dropped an awesome feature on Shadow's newest recruit, Australian Jason Watts, called Destinations. Scroll down to check out a couple of our favorite shots then click on any of the pictures to head to their site to see the full article! TSC_JW_Destinations1 Head to Sydney, Australia with the latest Shadow recruit Jason Watts courtesy of Haro Bikes. TSC_JW_Destinations2 When we met Jason in Texas last year, we knew he was a care free dude and would fit in perfectly. TSC_JW_Destinations3 No wonder he became such a badass rider. TSC_JW_Destinations4 Beach side Euro with infinite amounts of style. Look for more of Jase in the near future! TSC_JW_Destinations5 A bowl for a bowl dog. Home sweet home.

If you didn't get a chance to see Jason's latest Haro edit, stop what you're doing and hit play. Photos: Cam Pianta