Johnny Atencio

Welcome to the Family

The Shadow Conspiracy is proud to welcome young Johnny Atencio to the family! The 16 year old rail god from Albuquerque, New Mexico has made waves with his unique ability to send himself down handrails with more stairs than he has year under his belt and we couldn’t be more proud to have him in our crew! Johnny is also being added to the Subrosa Brand team and to celebrate, came through with one hell of an edit to say thank you to the both of us exclusively through the fine folks at Dig BMX. So stop what you’re doing, hit play, and hold on to your butts, you’re in for one wild ride!

Filmed and edited by Alex Gonzales
Additional filming by Ryan Chadwick
Johnny also has an amazing interview over at Dig talking about how he got to where he’s at and where he see’s himself going. Hit the pic and give it a look and get in to the mind of a young madman.
Photo by Wes McGrath