Johnny Devlin

Bike Check

TSC_JD_BikeCheck_Oct2014-1 Shadow Pro Johnny Devlin has always had a unique set up. Nowadays people would consider his ride to be entirely outdated, but his bike is put together with extreme care and thought as it relates to his riding. Right side pegs and right side drive? Talk to the man and he'll explain it's the best set up to do pedal crooked grinds and levitators. With the amount of crazy stuff he's been filming for the new Shadow DVD, we'll believe him. Scroll down and take a look at his set up including the new Shadow Interlock Supreme chain, Lahsaan Kobza Chula stem, and our Motus spline drive sprocket. TSC_JD_BikeCheck_Oct2014-6 Frame: S&M ATF Fork: Shadow Inceptiv Fork Bars: Shadow Ben Hucke signature Local Bars Stem: Shadow Lahsaan Kobza signature Chula Grips: Shadow Thirteen DCR Headset: Shadow Stacked Seat: Shadow Ben Hucke Penumbra Series v3 Slim Pivotal Cranks: Shadow Trey Jones signature Killer Sprocket: Shadow Motus Spline Drive Pedals: Shadow Ravager Alloy Sealed Chain: Shadow interlock Supreme Tires: Shadow Valor 2.2″ and 2.4" Front Wheel: Shadow Corvus Complete Rear Hub: Shadow BTR Cassette Rear Rim: Shadow Corvus Hub Guards: Shadow Cro Mo Pegs: Shadow Lil Ones Brakes: Shadow Drew Bezanson signature Sano Brake Lever: Shadow Drew Bezanson signature Sano Medium Brake Cable: Shadow Linear Brake Cable Tie: Johnny’s Old Dirty Dread