Johnny Devlin

Bike Check

Frame: Subrosa Scott Ditchburn signature Balum 21″ Bar: Shadow Vultus 8.5″ Fork: Shadow Vultus 026 Stem: Shadow Ravager Top Load Headset: Shadow Corvus Pedals: Shadow Ravager Plastic Grips: Shadow Thirteen Flangeless Seat: Shadow Slim Pivotal Seat Post: Shadow Pivotal Cranks: Subrosa Bitchin' Cranks Sprocket: Shadow Ravager 25t Chain: Shadow Interlock V2 Half-Link Bottom Bracket: Shadow Corvus Tires: Shadow Undertaker Front Rim: Shadow Stun Front Hub: Shadow Raptor Front Hub Guard: Shadow Raptor V2 x2 Rear Rim: Shadow Stun Rear Hub: Shadow BTR Rear Hub Guard: Shadow BTR Drive Side Guard Pegs: Shadow Little Ones x3 Brakes: Drew Bezanson signature Sano Brakes 8.5" Vultus bars with some brakes. A sight for sore eyes. Johnny is a recent topload stem convert and he loves it. Ravager TL baby. Raptor front hub with two V2 front hub guards. Grinds on grinds on grinds. Ravager alloy pedals keep Johnny's feet planted when sending some of his gnarliest moves. Johnny rocks the BTR hub and Drive Side Guard and says he's no longer scared of big icepicks. Drew B. signature Sano brakes for wild 3 taps and to prevent crashing into walls. I think I'm in love with this bike.