Joris Coulomb

Subrosa Brand Bike Check

Subrosa Brand just dropped a brand new bike check from French rider Joris Coulomb. Joco has always had a dialed bike and this thing is exactly that. Head on over to their site and get all the details and even more pictures of the kickflippin' Frenchman's ride. Joris001 Frame: Subrosa Noster 20.8″ Fork: Subrosa Villicus Bars: Shadow Vultus 9″ Stem: Shadow Ravager TL Grips: Shadow Lahsaan Kobza signature Chula Headset: Subrosa Bitchin’ Front Wheel: Shadow Stun Complete Front Rear Wheel: Shadow Stun Rim/Freecoaster Tires: Shadow Simone Barraco signature Strada Cranks: Subrosa Bitchin’ Pedals: Shadow Ravager BB: Subrosa Bitchin’ 19mm Sprocket: Subrosa Bandit 25t Chain: Shadow Interlock V2 Seat: Shadow Simone Barraco signature Penumbra Pegs: Shadow Lil Ones x4 Sleeves: Shadow Slicker x4 Joris002 Clean and mean. Just the way Joco likes it. Joris006 The Shadow Interlock V2 chain. Accept no substitutes. Joris007 Putting the bike to work on Subrosa's ATL trip.