Kevin Kalkoff

Rider Update

“I’m back in France after a month in the US. At first, I flew to Portland, Oregon for a Vans 100% bowl trip. It was amazing. I saw and rode so many incredible bowls and there were still a lot more that we didn’t touch. I want to go back so bad. After Oregon, I flew to California to ride at the Van Doren Invitational. I ended up getting 8th place and am very stoked about it! Once the contest was over, my girlfriend flew in to town and we stayed in Cali for two more weeks. We drove all the way up to Yosemite where we saw some really nice places, then on to San Fransisco. On the way back down to Huntington, we drove along the PCH.
This was one of the best trips in the US and I can’t wait to do it all again!
– Kevin Kalkoff

Photos: Mayol