Lahsaan Kobza Heads East

Team Rider Update

“What’s up my dudes!!! I’ve been out having a blast the past two weeks. We went on the Shadow Keep It Local shop stop trip and pretty much kicked ass from Philly to Florida! My 20th birthday was right after the tour, so what better way to enjoy your 20th then going to Florida and riding Kona Skatepark!??! I had incredibly too much fun. Check out some photos that I shot while on my trip. Shadow rules!”

-Lahsaan Kobza

LK working the crowds at Pennskate in Allentown, PA.

Lahsaan soaking up the legendary Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville.

Snake runs for days.

Trip tag at the Daytona Beach skatepark. SWAG!

I think this girl had more fun than Lahsaan at his 20th birthday.