Lahsaan Kobza

Rider Update

“Whats up fellas! Things have been wild around here lately. I’m real busy finishing up my section in the new Subrosa video Get Used to It. Besides filming for G.U.T.I., I’ve spent the last four months collecting clips for a Blunted Athletics promo that should be dropping any minute. Speaking of Blunted, we’ve been doing a lot of events including jams, art shows, and parties. Big thanks to Shadow for sending out some product for the recent Blunted BBQ in San Diego. Party on!”
– Lahsaan Kobza

Just a typical day in the life of Lahsaan Kobza.

Blunted BBQ sponsored by The Shadow Conspiracy, Osiris Shoes, and The Trip.

The dudes in charge of Blunted Athletics.

Nerd Lahsaan in full effect.

Party people.