Mark Burnett

Sunday Bike Check

The crew at Sunday Bikes just dropped a bike check with their newly minted pro and Shadow rider Mark Burnett. Check out his latest ride featuring all the fix-ins including the brand new Interlock Supreme chain, Ditchburn sig SOD plastic pegs, and Trey Jones sig Killer cranks! TSC_MB_SundayBikeCheck Click any of the pictures to head to the Sunday Bikes site for the full run down. TSC_MB_SundayBikeCheck A dialed ride for a dialed kid. He may only be 16 but he shreds like a grown ass man! TSC_MB_SundayBikeCheck Mark is rocking the new Interlock Supreme chain while using some signature Trey Jones' Killer cranks to make it spin. This combo is undeniably tough! TSC_MB_SundayBikeCheck The Shadow Raptor Freecoaster with a couple of Scott Ditchburn signature Slide or Die plastic pegs. They wouldn't want it any other way! Hit play and check out little Mark's banging Welcome to Sunday edit one more time.