Mike Cottle

Bike Check

Frame: Sputnic Regulator
Bar: Sputnic Skyline
Fork: Shadow Captive
Stem: Shadow Ravager Top Load
Headset: Shadow Corvus
Pedals: Shadow Ravager Sealed
Seat: Shadow Slimmer
Seat Post: Shadow Pivotal
Cranks: Shadow Noctis
Sprocket: Banned Budsaw 3/32″
Chain: Prototype Shadow 3/32″ Interlock V2
Tires: Shadow Belter
Front Rim: Shadow Stun
Front Hub: Shadow Raptor
Rear Rim: Shadow Stun
Rear Hub: Shadow Raptor with prototype 3/8″ conversion kit

A custom milled 3/32″ Banned Budsaw wrapped with the brand new 3/32″ Interlock V2 chain.

A pivotal seat set up and the brand new Shadow Captive forks? The future is now!

Note to viewer: Mike just bought a brand new fisheye lens. Hence the egg shaped wheels.

Cottle ripping and shredding through the 71n trails. Steelers! Photo: Ryan Sher