Filip Strbad Bike Check

Frame: Zion Soul Bar: Zion Headbanger Fork: Zion Smith Stem: Shadow Strike Headset: Zion Pedals: Shadow Ravager Seat: Zion Combo Cranks: Sputnic Sprocket: Shadow Ravager Chain: Shadow Interlock Tires: Shadow Undertakers 2.25 Front Wheel: Shadow Stun complete Front Hubguard: Shadow Raptor Rear Wheel: Shadow Stun complete Rear Hubguard: Shadow Raptor Pegs: Shadow Little Ones with Shadow Slicker Plastic Sleeves Slicker Sleeves and the Raptor Front Hub Guard V2 keeps Filip sliding fast and smooth. The tried and true Interlock V2 Half Link chain. Accept no substitutes. Plastic pegs are all the rage and Shadow has you covered with the Slicker Sleeves. More info here. Undertaker tires. Take 'em anywhere and they'll roll over anything.