New Shadow Products Available Now!

BTR Hub, 138 Grips, Sano Brakes, LK Seat, 3/32″ Interlock V2 Chain, and more!

The 2012 Shadow Conspiracy shipment is in and it’s full of all new product.

The new Shadow BTR hub. Details here.

Shadow BTR non-drive side hub guard. Details here.

Trey Jones signature 138 grip in a variety of colors. Details here.

Drew Bezanson signature Sano brakes.

Lahsaan Kobza signature mid Penumbra Series seat. Details here.

Lahsaan Kobza signature slim Penumbra Series seat. Details here.

Shadow 3/32″ Interlock V2 half-link chain. Details here.

Raptor Bolt Type Conversion Kit. Details here.