Niki Croft

20twenty Premiere – Aberdeen

Winter and public transport are two things that should not be combined as I found out for myself a week before the premier of a DVD made by the bike shop 20twenty, which I have a section in that’s coming out. Last week all trains and buses leaving Hastings were cancelled due to weather which meant I wasn’t going to be able to make it up to Scotland. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought there was going to be some way and somehow I can make it there. This turned into reality at 3 a.m. Saturday morning. I was looking at the National Rail website and the status changed from cancelled to running every 30 mins. from Brighton to London. At that given moment, I didn’t think twice, I just got up there and then and put whatever clothes were next to me on and texted Stu Dawkins seeing if I could take him up on the lift to Brighton he offered to me a day before. Except I don’t think he was expecting a 4 a.m. wake up call. I grabbed my bike bag and started my trek to Seventies.

It’s a 40 minute walk from my house, however, it’s a 1 hour walk with a bike bag, monsoon like rain and snow and the iciest pavements ever that you constantly fall over on. I finally got to Seventies at 5 a.m., soaking wet, still having not slept. I then started to dismantle my bike and met up with Stu. We headed to Brighton and I managed to get the train from there to London, then met up with Orlando from the Make, then went from London to Luton hoping that the flights were running as the weather was bad still.

Eventually, somehow we made it to Aberdeen, and that’s were the fun began. Mike met us at the airport and was kind enough to pick us up and drive straight to the park so I could ride my favourite ever bowl, and I was psyched! Out of everything I’ve rode since my crash, this is one thing I wanted to cruise around on again. It’s always a pleasure to ride that bowl and even more of a pleasure when I got to ride it with Grant Smith, owner of BSD. I saw so many familiar faces and it was fun being around that scene again. Every kid in the park sessioning was basically there for the premiere and there were a lot of kids!! Mike organized the video to be shown at a Cineworld, which was awesome. I think around 220 people showed up. I’ll tell you something, it’s rad to see that many people showing their support for a local scene and shop!!!

Thanks to Mike for organizing such a good weekend and putting me and Orlando up for the night!! Thanks to Stu for drivin’ at 5 a.m. for me, I really appreciate it! And thanks to the bowl for bein’ rad!!!!