Simone Barraco

Rider Update

“Hey guys! How is it going!? I’m doing very good. Always on the road filming and hanging out with good friends. The Shadow KIL tour in Ecuador was awesome. Good riding and good people. I flew home for four days before hitting the road again with my crew to check out FISE, a big extreme sports festival in France. It was really fun and I ended up getting 1st in the Best Trick contest.

After that was Barcelona X Games which was a great time, riding practice everyday with my friends and eventually getting 5th in the contest. Not to mention the parties! Haha. After X Games I met up with Trey Jones, Joris Coulomb, Drew Bezanson, and Chadwick and spent the week filming for the Shadow DVD in BCN. It was awesome hanging out with the team and riding some of the best spots in the world.

Once I got home from Spain, Kriss Kyle was waiting for me in my hometown of Genova to film for his next big Red Bull project. Not many pro riders have ever ridden in Genova, so it was pretty crazy to have him hanging out at my crew and riding my spots. The awesome week ended with him going to my Grandma’s home to eat Ravioli. Haha!

Now I’m meeting the entire Subrosa Brand crew in Atlanta for a week of riding, filming, and probably a bit of partying. I can’t wait to get there. See you around and have fun!”

– Simone Barraco