Simone Barraco

Rider Update

“Hey guys! Whats up!?!? I’m just about to fly home to Italy after a crazy good, long month and half overseas filled traveling, riding, and filming. I had so many good times with so many friends, it was amazing. The month started with a week at Woodward East with Shadow. After Woodward I flew to Phoenix for a week, then went and rode X Games in Los Angeles where I got 5th place for the third time in a row, haha. Following X, I went back to Phoenix which was super hot but was good to chill with the Ditch crew and film a few things with Chadwick. Next up was another trip to Woodward West with Subrosa where we filmed for a sick video contest. We got back and headed straight to Calgary, Alberta, Canada with Shadow for an amazing seven day KIL tour with perfect weather and tons of good spots where we got a bunch of stuff filming for the DVD! That’s pretty much it, haha.
I hope your summer trips have been as fun as mine! Take it easy!”
– Simone Barraco