Ryan Woodstock Sher

Rider Update

“What up Shadow fans! I’ve been the busiest I’ve ever been in my whole life lately it seems. Between road trips, filming, working on Subrosa goodies, fishing, and squeezing in some riding it’s been pretty non-stop. I’m not complaining one bit though, don’t get me wrong. Last week was my birthday, and my girlfriend surprised me by buying my best friend K.C. Badger a ticket to come out to Florida. Then K.C. Surprised me and brought Jess along. Best ass time with my best ass friends! Fished, party, BBQ’d and partied. SO FUN. Here’s a few pics I had around. Some old, some new. Enjoy!”

– Ryan Sher

Ryan only films from the most unique of angles.

Burp skirt Lookback at the trails.

Steady hands.

Tuck no-no at the Casselberry trailjam.

I think I’ve seen this picture before, but with Ice Cube instead of Ryan.

Go’Prosa Ride Along