Shadow ABQ Zines by Trey Jones


Shadow pro Trey Jones made a zine from all of the photos he shot at our recent team meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He stopped by Sparky’s headquarters last week to finish them up and We asked him a few questions about zine making.

The Shadow Conspiracy – How did you get into making zines?

Trey JonesMy friend Adam Roye that does all the Cult artwork got me into zines. He kinda opened my eyes to what a zine actually is, and what it can be.


SC – Have you made zines before?

TJI used to do a zine called “Rats” when I was about 17. I did 2 issues and then started doing the Black Dad zines which I’ve made 3 of. I also made the 8th issue of the Cult zines out of our Cult team trip to Las Vegas. Most of these zines are available on my webstore


SC – What made you want to make a zine for the Shadow team meeting in ABQ?

TJI had the idea before I even went on the trip because I had never done a zine out of a Shadow trip. I figured it’d be a good one to do it on because everyone was involved.


SC – Are there any other zines you are into/influenced by?

TJI really like the old Holeshot zines. I don’t really pay attention to a lot of the zines out there today but I am into a lot of the zines produced by Heyzeus


SC – Do you have any tips for people who are interested in making their own zines?

TJThere are no rules, do whatever you damn well please.


These zines are extremely limited (30), hand numbered and signed, and available FREE with purchase of any tee, long sleeve, button up shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie in our webstore.