Trey Jones

Bike Check

“Yo! I just put a new Cult Death Row together with a few new Shadow parts.
Love the new BTR hub and my grips feel awesome! So stoked!”

– Trey Jones

Frame: Cult Death Row 21″
Bar: Cult Death Row 8.65″
Fork: Shadow Vultus 026
Stem: Shadow Ravager Top Load
Headset: Shadow Corvus
Pedals: Shadow Ravager Alloy Sealed
Grips: Shadow Trey Jones signature 138
Seat: Shadow Trey Jones Penumbra Series Solus
Cranks: Cult
Sprocket: Banned Budsaw 30t
Chain: Shadow Interlock V2 Half-Link
Bottom Bracket: Shadow Corvus
Tires: Shadow Undertaker
Front Rim: Shadow Stun
Front Hub: Shadow Raptor
Rear Rim: Shadow Stun
Rear Hub: Shadow BTR

Shadow Ravager Top Load stem keeps Trey’s bars held tight when doing those gnarly roof drops.

Trey’s signature 138 grips in white. These things feel so good on your hands.

The custom, white leather Trey Jones Penumbra series Solus seat/post combo is still going strong.

I’ve never met someone more picky about hubs than Trey but he loves his new BTR.

Putting the bike to work in the now defunct Casselberry Trails house. One trick, two angles.

Photo: Mike Cottle