Shadow KIL France

Day 7 & 8 Update

The final days of the Shadow KIL Tour in France have concluded and man, what an amazing trip. From Lyon to Montpellier the crew killed it all while spreading the good word of Shadow and hanging with the locals. We couldn’t be more stoked on how this trip with and the vibe from everyone involved!

Day 7 was our second day of street down South. Joris Coulomb spends a good majority of his time in Montpellier so he guided us through some heavy sessions on all the interesting spots this town has to offer. He ended the day with one of the most insane rail rides we’ve ever seen. It was seriously nuts. Just wait til you see the clip! The rest of the crew got down on the various other obstacles we encountered and stacked a little more footage for the video.

Our final day started with some good hangs at the BMX Avenue shop. A bunch of awesome locals came out to say what’s up and after some autographs and free stuff, we headed out on a massive street ride. It’s always cool to see a bunch of people mobbing down the street to ride with our dudes! We hit up a couple of spots with a flat rail in tow and then ended the day at the local wood park. Nothing but smiles and good times all day!

Back in Lyon, half the crew went home and half the crew is ready for the next stop in our KIL World Tour, Italy! Stay posted for all the news coming from our Instagram and Facebook!

Biggest of shout outs to everyone involved in making this trip so amazing: Lilian, Fabien, and Robin at Sparkys France and Bros. Bike Store, Fafa at BMX Avenue, the Lyon and Montpellier locals, and the crew, Simone, Scott, Paul, Joris, and Nico! We can’t wait for the next one!
Shadow Pro and Montpellier local Joris Coulomb with one insane tire ride.
Gotta love when a rider is this stoked after landing a clip.
Simone with a crank arm to start a line. What’s your guess on what he did?
The crew checking the clip on a bench that looks surprisingly a lot like Ditchburn.
Autographs at BMX Avenue. Fafa lurking hard in the background.
Simone probably changing the life of a local Montpellier rider.
Heavy street session with the locals after the BMX Avenue meet up.
What’s wrong Joco?

Photos: Lilian Conry