Shadow KIL Italy

Day 4 & 5 Update

The Shadow KIL Tour continues to rip through Europe. Days 4 and 5 of our stop in Genoa, Italy were amazing. Hometown hero Simone Barraco and French shredder Joris Coulomb hit up some of it's most famous spots and found some new moves to put down for the Shadow DVD that you all will be stoked to see. Scroll down and check out a couple of shots of the crew by Chadwick and Italian photographer Olaf Pignataro (@olafpix). A night cap of fresh, homemade pasta from Simone's mother and grandmother made for an amazing end to an amazing couple of days. We can't thank everyone enough for putting us up in their home and showing us the best parts of Italy. This trip wouldn't be possible without you! Our last day begins now so follow @theshadowconpsiracy, @simobarraco, and @jorisco for all the updates. DockSpotPhotoChadwick After battling a few days of rain, the sun broke out and heated everything up. Joco cooling off. JorisTablePhotoChadwick Picture perfect tabes from Joris Coulomb. Gotta love the shredders who know the basics! DockSpot2PhotoChadwick Don't go into the light Joris! Simone Barraco Simone and Chadwick by Olaf Pignataro (@olafpix). Thanks for the shot dude! SimoneTbogPhotoChadwick This giant press was once actually functional. Now it is just an amazing spot for Simone to shred. Photos: Ryan Chadwick and Olaf Pignataro