Shadow Raptor Cassette Product Alert

Attention Shadow Raptor Cassette Hub owners:

We have found that a small batch of Raptor Hollow Axles are defective and could break during use.
If you have purchased a Shadow Raptor Hub between August 31st 2012 and December 1st 2012, you may be affected. Please check the production code located on the hub flange.

RHD – 2012.06.20 or LHD – 02.60.2102

We have pinpointed these codes as the defective batch,all other production codes are OK.
If you find that you have purchased one of these hubs, here’s what you need to do:

Send an e-mail to Mark at Sparkys Distribution –

Be sure to include the following:
– Your full name
– Your address
– Where you purchased the hub
– A photo of the hub flange to confirm production code

Once we receive your e-mail we will send you a replacement axle the same day
with instructions on how to replace the axle and a Shadow Decal Pack.
If you cannot e-mail, please call Mark at 407-599-7255 ext.114

The Shadow Conspiracy thanks you for your support!