Shadow Slicker Sleeves

Plastic Covers for your Little One Pegs

Have you ever found the most amazing ledge or rail set up, only to be stopped dead in your tracks because it is brick or aluminum? Well fear not, welcome the Slicker Sleeve. *SLICKER SLEEVES ARE NOT A PEG! THEY MUST USED WITH LITTLE ONE PEGS* These lightweight, plastic sleeves slide over our tested Little One pegs to make unrideable spots, rideable! Carry 'em in your bag for those special spots that just don't wanna work with steel pegs. When you're done at the spot, take off the sleeve and use your steel pegs again. Quick and easy. As you can see, the Slicker Sleeve can stand up to some pretty intense moves over a decent period of time. Need more proof? Check out the video below of Ryan Sher and Rickey Bates testing out the Slicker Sleeves at the infamous Maitland Trannies. How many pegs can icepick slide a brick quarter?