noun \pə-ˈnəm-brə\

Something that covers, surrounds, or obscures: shroud

Shadow is proud to introduce the Vans x Shadow Penumbra Series shoes.

For our third collaboration with Vans Shoes, Vans wanted to celebrate Shadow’s long lasting Penumbra Series seat line. With the Penumbra Series seats, Shadow was the first brand to look at the BMX/bicycle seat as more than just a place to put a logo, but rather a blank canvas. Utilizing all-over prints and custom artwork, Shadow created a unique line of seats tailored to the rider’s individual personality and creativity.

The Shadow Penumbra Series seats have stood apart from the norm and ushered in a new wave of thinking when it comes to custom designed and aesthetically pleasing parts. From Ryan Sher to Trey Jones, these shoes are a representation of 10+ years of Shadow’s strive for creative, individual design and we hope you enjoy them!

The Chukka Midtop makes use of Shadow’s Palladium print on the footbed with a blacked out upper made of pig suede and heavy gauge canvas.

The Chukka Low features Shadow’s woodland inspired camo print on the quarter, tongue, and footbed with full grain leather overlays.

The Era™ Pro features Shadow’s Human Nature pattern printed on heavy gauge canvas on the upper.

Sold wherever authorized Vans dealers are located.