Shadow X Vans

Ali Whitton

A few pics from my iPhone. Thanks to Vans’ Jerry Badders for sorting
everything out and making the trip really fun. Also thanks to Shadow’s Ronnie B for designing a sick shoe to ride in.

Ty, Morrow, the Bad Boy, Ali Whitton, Trey Jones & Lahsaan Kobza.

The rules. Don’t break them or you will be walking.

Trey gap to flat.

The view from our hotel room in HB.

Heading up the mountain with Trey Jones. On the last day Trey hit a jump and lawn darted to his head. Not stoked.

The view from our condo at thebase of Mammoth Mountain.

Myself and Trey’s flight got cancelled from Mammoth to Lax so we drove.

Flying over Philly. Looks like spaghetti junction. Nearly home.

We made it in 5 hours flat. Trey had to drive the first hour so I could sober up. I was getting ready for a redeye. Ooops

The vans bus is off the hook. Inside and out.