Shadow X Woodward Parts Kit Giveaway

Congratulations to Ernie Yazzie of Sanders, Arizona. He is the proud winner of the TSC x Woodward Parts Kit Giveaway. We will be contacting you through Facebook shortly. Thanks to everyone who participated and keep your eyes peeled for future giveaways and events!

The kit includeS the following Shadow parts:
Vultus 9″ Handlebars in Highlighter Yellow
Ravager Front Load Stem in Black
Corvus Headset in Highlighter Yellow
Captive Forks in Black
Seth Kimbrough Signature Noctis Cranks in Black
Corvus Bottom Bracket in Highlighter Yellow
Solus Seat/Seatpost combo Black with Highlighter Yellow stitching

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for all things Shadow when the crew visits Camp Woodward in July