Simone Barraco

Rider Update

“Hey dudes, what’s up!? I’m good. Flying to the UK for the Subrosa Brighton Ain’t Ready week. Super stoked about this, I’ve watched the first one so many times! After X Games in Austin, I was at home in Barcelona, chilling, going to the beach, painting, and riding a bunch. I love the summer life in BCN, but now it’s time to travel a bit. After the UK I’ll be going to Munich for the street rink contest, then to France with Shadow for a KIL tour, and right after I’ll be in Italy for a week with Joris and Chadwick to get some clips for the DVD in my hometown. There should be a big jam at Front Ocean too! This summer is going to be fun for sure!
I wish you all a fun summer too! See you around.

– Simone Barraco