Simone Barraco

Rider Update

Simone Barraco Rider Update
“Hey amigos, what’s up!?!? I am very good, just got back to Barcelona after 2 amazing weeks in Japan! The first week was for a Red Bull local hero tour with my good friend and Red Bull teammate Sergio Layos. We had so much fun riding the parks with all the little kids shredding ramps together. The second week in Japan was me with Lahsaan Kobza and the Japanese crew for Subrosa. We had a few park parties around Tokyo and a few street sessions with locals. Every day was great. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and see what the culture is like and I seriously loved it! The people are so cool and it’s full of amazing places to visit. I’m definitely going back one day! A huge thanks to Ken from JykK distro, Key from Red Bull Japan, and all the locals and people involved in showing us love and taking care of us so well! Now I am about to chill in BCN for two weeks before I go to America again! I hope you’re all having fun out there. See you around!”
– Simone Barraco