Simone Barraco

Update from Israel

“What’s up everyone??!! I hope all is well and I hope the weather in your city is getting better so you can have fun riding street! After a month in Barcelona, having lots of fun, riding, and partying, I finally went back home to Italy. I tried to ride with my good friends in our sketchy but fun indoor spot, but it was really just too cold. I was only home for two days when I got on another plane and headed to Tel Aviv, Israel where I am currently riding and filming in the sun with good people and even better spots. I’ll be here for four more days and then I don’t know what’s next, but my guess is that it’ll be something fun, haha! Have a nice day guys and I’ll see you soon!”

– Simone Barraco

Definitely a stacked crew. Can’t wait to see the footage from this trip.

Simone’s new blue Subrosa Pandora is looking dope.

This is much better looking when you’re trying to ride then what Simone had back in Genoa…


Still the best.