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Ride BMX's NORA Cup Reader's Choice Award

This year, Ride BMX is adding something new to their NORA Cup Awards, the Reader's Choice Award. Simply put, you the reader get to choose who you think was THE BEST RIDER of 2012. I can't think of a better person to exemplify this than our little Italian, Simone Barraco. This year alone he has been added to the Shadow and Subrosa Pro Teams, sponsored by Red Bull, and put out numerous 100k+ edits. Need more reason, watch any of the ELEVEN edits he has done this year alone. VOTE HERE! Simone Barraco - Welcome to the Shadow Pro Team Simone Barraco - Welcome to the Subrosa Pro Team Shadow Conspiracy - Keep it Local North East Tour Shadow Conspiracy - DNVR OMLTS Simone Barraco - Scrappin' Simone Barraco - Loots the Vault Nike BMX - Simone and AK in Israel

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