Simone Barraco

X Games Bike Check

Frame: Subrosa Simone Barraco signature Noster 21.125" Bar: Shadow Vultus 8.5″ Fork: Subrosa Vilicus 024 Stem: Shadow Ravager Top Load Headset: Shadow Corvus Pedals: Shadow Ravager Plastic Grips: Subrosa Villicus V2 Seat: Mid Shadow Simone Barraco Penumbra Series Seat Post: Shadow Pivotal Cranks: Subrosa Bitchin' Sprocket: Shadow Ravager 28t Chain: Shadow Interlock V2 Half-Link Bottom Bracket: Subrosa Bitchin' Tires: Shadow Undertaker Front Rim: Shadow Stun Front Hub: Shadow Raptor Front Hub Guard: Shadow Raptor V2 x2 Rear Rim: Shadow Stun Rear Hub: Shadow Raptor LHD Rear Hub Guard: Shadow Pegs: Shadow Little Ones x2 Subrosa Sweets x2 Simone keeps is new Noster frame rolling smooth with a Ravager 28t sprocket. Simone's new Penumbra series seat. Brown tie dye. So dope. No better stem to keep your bars tight than the Shadow Ravager TL. Just your standard Stun Complete Front Wheel set. Good enough for Simone, good enough for you. Raptor rear hub and guard with an Undertaker tire wrap. Fast and clean. Whippin it over the chain and into the bank.