Solus Padded Seat/Post Combo

– Available in Slimmer with lightly padded top or Mid with fully padded top. – Kevlar cover and embroidered Crow logo – Custom designed pan with angle for modern frame geometry and style – Nylon seat pan and post is pressed and bonded to a 6061 alloy seat post – 25.4 diameter / 100mm length – Textured surface with molded in Shadow logos is under the cover – Weight: Slimmer – 11.2, Mid – 13.1 oz – Colors: black, white, crimson red, purple, highlighter blue, highlighter yellow - Also available in non-padded PC version Above you can see 3D images of our proprietary Solus seat pan design. The pan needs to be developed and tweaked before a final mold is opened, once you've crossed that bridge there's no going back. You've got to make sure it's 100% dialed.