Texas Toast Jam Wrap Up

Trey Jones, Albert Mercado, Andy Martinez

The Texas Toast jam happened over this weekend and the Shadow crew was there in full effect. Trey Jones, Albert Mercado, and Austin local Andy Martinez all shredded and Trey and Albert both managed to make it into finals. Unfortunately, Trey hurt himself in dirt qualifying by sending an INSANE fence hop over the berm and was unable to compete in Street finals. Either way, our riders killed it, the Shadow coffins killed it, and Texas Toast was once again the BEST contest of the year.

TCU: Texas Toast 2012 Edit

Vital: Texas Toast Qualifiers Video

Vital: Texas Toast Finals Video

Trey Jones with a pegless roller coaster grind courtesy of Ride BMX.

Shadow Flow and Austin local Andy Martinez blasting a tabes thanks to Ride BMX.

Albert made it to finals along with Trey and proceeded to kill it. Huge turndown from Ride.