In the midst of the chaos that was BMXPlus dissolving, there was a review of our recently released, full-length DVD “What Could Go Wrong?” by editor Chris Arriaga that never saw the light. We thought it a shame for the world to never see it so here it is in full. Thanks to Chris and the rest of the BMXPlus staff for their years of service in offering a readable, entry level BMX magazine!
It seems like every day you can turn on your computer, go to
your favorite BMX website (, and watch a web video of the
most mind-blowing and progressive BMX riding that you have ever seen. And
you know what you do next? You click that little mouse button, and within a
few minutes you forget 90% of what you just saw as you move on to the next
video. As amazing as it is to have an endless amount of BMX videos at your
fingertips, there is nothing like relaxing on the couch and popping in a new
DVD which is exactly why we were so excited to get our hands on The Shadow
Conspiracy’s latest DVD project, What Could Go Wrong?.

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick, What Could Go Wrong? is the result of
over 3 long years of filming by the entire Shadow team and the result is
an amazing video that captures the insane amount of talent and diversity
of all their riders. There is nothing more depressing than watching a video
and being able to call out every single trick before it happens, but that
is not the case with What Could Go Wrong?, which was by far our favorite part
about the video. From timeless and classic tricks to the most progressive riding
that BMX has ever seen, every rider on the team has their own unique style and
take on spots that we had no idea what to expect from anyone and were constantly
blown away. With a team as stacked as The Shadow Conspiracy, it would be
unjust to try and call out any one part or list off the tricks that went
down throughout the video, but we will say that just when you think you’ve
seen it all, you definitely have not.

It can be easy to get sucked into the day to day world of web
videos, it even happens to us, but sometimes it takes a project like What
Could Go Wrong? to remind us just how much hard work and passion goes into
putting out a full length video so that we can appreciate BMX the way that
we should. What Could Go Wrong? is available on DVD for $14.95 through
your favorite BMX retailer or you can download it on iTunes for $9.99 if you
aren’t quite ready to commit to getting off the Internet yet.

– Chris Arriaga