Ryan Chadwick

Shadow Team Manager Bike Check

It's definitely a wild feeling when you're only 24 years-old and you get your dream job. I went from riding with friends in Phoenix one day, to packing up and moving to Orlando the next to become the TM for Shadow. It's a scary thought leaving everything you've ever known behind, but you never know what life is going to throw at you so it's better to not ask questions and just enjoy the ride. Lucky for me, the ride includes a brand new bike. My 15 year-old self would be psyched! Frame: Subrosa Pandora 21” Fork: Shadow Vultus Bars: Kink Badger Stem: Shadow Strike Top Load 50mm Grips: Shadow Thirteen Flangeless Barends: Shadow Plastic Headset: Shadow Integrated Clamp: Built-in Seatpost/Seat: Shadow Solus Seat/Post Combo Mid Cranks: Shadow Seth Kimbrough Noctis Prototype Sprocket: Shadow Ravager 28t BB: Shadow Mid 22mm Chain: Shadow Interlock V2 Front Tire: Shadow Undertaker 2.25 Front Rim: Shadow Stun Front Hub: Shadow Raptor Front Hub Guard: Shadow Raptor Rear Tire: Shadow Overtaker 2.25 Rear Rim: Shadow Stun Rear Hub: Shadow Raptor Rear Hub Guard: Shadow Spokes: Shadow Pedals: Shadow Ravager Plastic Pegs: Shadow Little Ones