Tom Smith

Photo Bike Check

TomSmithBikeCheck01 A bike has to be built tough to hold up to this monstrous guys riding. Check out the details below.
Frame: Subrosa Balum Fork: Subrosa Villicus Headset: Subrosa Bitchin' Stem: Subrosa Hold Tight Front Load Handlebars: Subrosa Villicus Grips: Shadow Lahsaan Kobza signature Chula Barends: Shadow Plastic Tires: Shadow Undertaker Rear Hub: Shadow BTR Cassette Rear Rim: Shadow Stun Front Hub: Shadow Raptor Front Rim: Shadow Stun Rear Hub Guards: Shadow BTR Drive and Non-Drive Front Hub Guards: Shadow Raptor V2 Cranks: Shadow Seth Kimbrough signature Noctis Bottom Brack: Shadow Corvus Pedals: Shadow Ravager Plastic Chain: Shadow Interlock V2 Sprocket: Shadow Ravager 28T Seat: Shadow Ben Hucke signature Penumbra Mid Seat Post: Shadow Pivotal Pegs: Shadow Lil' Ones x2 Subrosa Sweets x2 TomSmithWhipper Tom Smith letting a whip fly out of a double peg at the Banned in the Backyard event last month.
Video: Collateral BMX Photos: Austin Bonner