Trey Jones


“What’s upppppppp. Things have been kinda crazy down here in the FLA. It’s starting to get hot again so everyone at the trails has mad swimming a regular event. Speaking of the trails, they are still running! That’s rare for this time of year, mostly because the jumps should flooded from the summer rain. I’ve also moved into the trailer at the Casselberry house. Been working on that pretty regularly in preparations for the rain. I also did this small thing called graduating from high school! Psyched to be out of there and onto the next part of my life. Other than that, I’ve just been riding my bike and living the life!”
– Trey Jones

No big deal to Trey, but it is for us. Congratulations Trey!

Just another day at the trails. Off the roof, ride along The Unit, to nose on the grindbox. Laced.

Trey has also been spending a little time at Woodward.

Bud’s Barn and the infamous pool table.