Welcome to the Pro Team Trey Jones

Edit and Interview

Trey pushed himself on this edit and it shows. Watch it and read the short interview below!

Chadwick: You finally made it Trey, you’re on The Shadow Conspiracy pro team! How does it feel?
Trey: Haha, thanks man! Not much different to be honest. Now I have a little bit more input on products and stuff like that, but no major changes.

Chadwick: I hear you’re working on a signature grip, what is that going to be like?
Trey: Simple. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Chadwick: Is anything going to change in your day to day with the extra cash in your pocket?
Trey: Maybe I’ll buy a few shovels or something, haha!

Welcome to the Team Ad

Chadwick: You really killed it on your “Welcome to the Pro Team” edit. I know you wanted to treat filming as if it were for a real DVD. Are you happy with how it turned out?
Trey: Ya I did. I wanted every clip to be good with little to no filler. It’s pretty much all spots I ride on a regular basis, the trails and stuff around Orlando, along with some good stuff from our trip to Arizona.

Chadwick: Explain your history with Shadow and Ronnie B.
Trey: I have known Ronnie B. forever! Back when he used to do the roots jam, I was like 9 or 10 and was too little to ride practice with everyone, so he would let me ride it by myself before everyone got there! I was so stoked! After that he would always let me and my mom come to the warehouse and get clothes and parts and that just turned into what it is today. Ronnie is the man and I wouldn’t be anywhere without him. Thanks so much RB!

Chadwick: Was being on Shadow something you always dreamt about growing up in Orlando?
Trey: When Ronnie used to let me buy stuff from the warehouse years ago, I always wondered what it would be like to get that stuff for free. So ya, I guess dreamt would be a good word, haha.

Ronnie B. settin’ examples.

Chadwick: I know you wanted to dedicate this whole edit and interview to Kato, who was Kato?
Trey: Kato was the trails dog. He was the most relaxed and calm dog I had ever seen and was there for every single wild thing that you would hear about happening at the legendary Casselberry trails. He just recently passed away at 14 and will be missed by everyone. He had an awesome life

Chadwick: Any thanks?
Trey: My family for being super cool and putting up with me and my friends. My amazing girlfriend Rohanna for being awesome. Ronnie B for being cool and hooking it up with everything and just being a good friend. Robbie Morales for doing everything he has done for me over the past few years. Jerry Badders for hooking it up with sick shoes and head butting Greg Smee. James Covington for working on my bike and letting me annoy him everyday with new stupid questions. Chad Degroot for making the two greatest skateparks to ever exsist, I wouldn’t be anywhere without Mission and Mesh. They both changed my life. All my friends at 71N and lastly Ryan Chadwick, for being the saltiest and most negative team manager out there! Saltwick!

We miss you Kato.