Trey Jones

Signature Parts Edit

Check out Trey Jones taking it to the streets, trails, and skateparks in this brand new edit for his signature parts! Scroll down for more information on the whole parts line. TreySignatureParts Trey's signature parts are available now wherever Shadow Conspiracy parts are sold. Hit up your local shop or mailorder and ask for a brand new pair of 138 grips and his Penumbra series Solus seat! TreyGrips The 138 Grips are medium circumference grip with no flanges specially designed by Trey for a soft feel and long lasting durability. Shadow Nylon bar ends also included! TreySeats For his Penumbra series seat, Trey chose to base the design off our Solus 1pc seat/post combo. With a badass bullet belt design and leather cover, it's everything Trey loves and more.