Subrosa Brand and The Shadow Conspiracy Present: “ONE” Full Video

Subrosa Brand and The Shadow Conspiracy present ONE.

The idea of ONE is that each of these riders is as much a part of Subrosa as they are of The Shadow Conspiracy. They are as much individuals as they are a team. Each rider possesses a strong, unique talent and perspective on riding, but when they come together they are one unit.

This project was the result of putting these 6 riders in one place on one trip to create something that truly shows they are a team, but also a family.

ONE is a full-length web video with parts from Subrosa/Shadow riders Kyle Hart, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Matt Ray, Trey Jones and Mark Burnett.

Kyle Hart
Simone Barraco
Joris Coulomb
Matt Ray
Trey Jones
Mark Burnett

Filmed by:
Ryan Chadwick

Addition Filmers:
Mark Burnett
Trey Jones
Sam Buros
Ryan Sher

Edited by:
Ryan Chadwick

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