Subrosa Brand – “Quaranteam Vol.1”

From Subrosa Brand:

“Strange times for all lately, but we wanted to share that our teams guys are in the same situation as a lot of our fans. Everyone has been trying to ride by any means possible. We ask some of the guys to send over some clips of what they’ve been able to ride, and try their best to film it. Some had to self film due to lockdowns, and some were able to film with family members or friends. Check out Vol: 1 and stay tuned for Vol: 2.

All the boys have been locked down or in quarantine just like many of our fans, so we had them gather some clips by any means necessary.

Some riders were located in areas that were allowed to go out, and some, like Lewis we confined to only is driveway.

We asked a few our team guys to go out, to have some fun, get some sun, and try to get whatever clips they could with their phones, gopros, or cameras.”

This is Vol:1 and we’ll continue with this Subrosa mixed team videos to help keep our guys on their bikes, and to help with your boredom until we can all hit the road and shred together.

Riders in Vol 1 include Bjarki Hardarson, Mark Burnett, Mo Nussbaumer, Joris Coulomb, Rim Nakamura, Jabe Jones, Trey Jones, Miguel Smajli, Lewis Colascione, Louis Otto, Juani Zurita, and Coco Zurita.

Edited By Ryan Chadwick

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