Simone Barraco

Welcome to the Pro Team Edit and Interview

Chadwick: Simone! You’re on The Shadow Conspiracy pro team! How does it feel?
Simone: Man, it feels amazing just to be a part of the Shadow family. When I came to Florida last month and met everyone at the warehouse it really made it special, but now that I’m on the Pro team, it’s even better.

Chadwick: How was it spending that month in America?
Simone: It was one of the best experiences of my life. Four weeks of traveling in Las Vega, Los Angeles, San Diego, Florida, and Philly. I felt I really got to see what America was like. I met a lot of new friends, rode some amazing spots that I’ve seen in videos and magazines, chilled, and partied. It was the best with good people, good times, and good riding. I’ll never forget that month.

Chadwick: What were the best and worst parts of being in America?
Simone: The best is that there are free soda refills EVERYWHERE! The worst was that I started to miss real home made Italian food after the third straight day of eating fast food. Haha.

The combos Simone can do are intense. Rail to over onto the bench to quick 180 bars.

Chadwick: What was it like meeting the rest of the Shadow team on the Keep it Local East Coast Tour?
Simone: That was probably the best part of my month spent in the States. Not only are the dudes amazing riders, but they are also amazing people. Great friends that I can’t wait to see again. I really liked meeting everyone who works at Shadow too! Ronnie, you (Chadwick), and everybody else really made me feel like family.

Chadwick: How was it meeting Seth Kimbrough specifically?
Simone: Hahaha, man! It was sick! Seth is the reason why I started riding bikes so meeting him was my childhood dream (Ed note: Simone let me know that he started riding because of the Mat Hoffman video game on Playstation. He would watch the video you get when you beat the game as Seth everyday and it got him stoked enough to start riding.) One night in Philly I got drunk enough to let him know everything about it too! Haha!

If the position doesn’t hurt to be in, the angle isn’t good enough.

Chadwick: Did you really push yourself to film awesome stuff while you were in the States for your Welcome edit?
Simone: For sure. I tried to film as many clips as I could while I was there. I live in a very small town in Italy and there aren’t many people to film with. I really wanted to make an awesome edit because it’s a big deal that I’m Pro so I made sure that you and I filmed super good stuff. San Diego had so many spots that It wasn’t really hard to produce.

Chadwick: So now that you are Pro, what’s next?
Simone: I’m still the same, old Simone who started riding his little bike in Italy six years ago so I’m going to keep having fun and keep having good times with my friends. Being Pro just means that I’m going to be able to take all the new opportunities that come my way in the future and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks!

Simone clownin’ around in between sessions.

Chadwick: Speaking of thanks, any thanks?
Simone: A huge thanks goes to everyone at The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa Brand, and Front Ocean for making this trip possible and all the other things they do to help me out. Thank you so much! Thanks to you, Chadwick, for being a really good friend, filmer, and TM. Thanks to every single person I met in America while I was there and showed me a good time. Huge thanks to NIKE 6.0, my family, and all my amazing friends around that world! Ciao!